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Time Vortex in Puerto Escondido

Three and a half weeks in Puerto Escondido...

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Puerto Escondido is a little surf town on the South Pacific coast of Mexico. I think I only wore my shoes about three times the entire time we were there. Sand from the beach littered the streets and it felt as though we were walking on velvet most of the time. In a recent Facebook post I chimed:

"I know beach life is for me because I can literally go anywhere in just my swim suit, if I so desire, and no one even blinks an eye. "No shirt, no shoes, no problem!" I have literally worn my shoes 3 times in the past 3 weeks and I regularly mosey over to the store or restaurant in just my shorts and a sports bra. I love it! Really, the less clothes, the better."

Our first two weeks were spent at Casa Kei, a lovely outdoor living style guest house. We spent Thanksgiving there cooking up all sorts of goodies and I even got to visit with an old pal from back in La Cruz when I first arrived in Mexico. We frequented a few local restaurants and cafes that were all within 10mins walking distance from Casa Kei. Cafe Ole had the best omelettes and crepes and smoothies and juices. They also had a cute little natural grocery store where they sold their house-made yogurt and almond milk (which we never ended up buying any of). There was a Thai place that had me so giddy! I have been craving Thai since before I left the states. The Pad Thai was good and the basil mojitos were better. Another place called Munchies Station served a wok style dinner where you could choose between noodles and rice, meat or fish, and about 5 different sauces. All plates came with 8 different vegetables. We ate there a couple times. Of course we enjoyed the beaches very much as well, but spent plenty of time relaxing in the cool shade and company of kitties back at the casa. These first two weeks literally went by in the blink of an eye. Before we knew it, it was time to move on.

But we didn't want to leave just yet.

We emailed another guy on Workaway who owned a hostel on the other side of town and seemed to be looking for artists. I emailed and said we knew how to use a paint brush, but weren't exactly mural artists. Either way, we wanted to help out however we could. We met up with Ross, the owner, a couple days later and got a quick tour of the place. It was jaw-dropping phenomenal. Vivo Escondido is literally a mansion turned into a hostel. There is a large shared living area, kitchen, pool, outside bar area, upstairs terrace with hammocks, you can sit on the roof top and watch the sunset at any time. Needless to say we were instantly sold! Ross agreed to let us stay for 7-10 days, before his holiday rush, and help paint a few walls to get some more color in the place. We couldn't wait to arrive the following Sunday!

Our ten day stay at Vivo was incredibly action packed and practically leaves me speechless with all the experiences. We met some very incredible people from all over the world (so many Aussie's!) that I hope to stay in touch with for a long time to come. One of my best friends from high school came in and stayed at Vivo also for about 5 days! We regularly frequented the local bars - where I still did not wear shoes and we quickly learned how small Puerto Escondido really is, as we saw all our friends who work at the cafes we went to regularly when staying at Casa Kei. We went to Laguna de Manialtepec and swam in bioluminescent waters which was way magical but also kind of eerie swimming in a lagoon in the middle of the night. The water was bath water warm. We got up at 7am one morning and took a boat trip out for view of a humpback whale, ~3 giant sea turtles, and a GIGANTIC school of Spinner Dolphins! We even got to jump in and see them swimming far below us. You could easily hear their noises in the water. It sounded like gentle laughter. I was mesmerized. My friend from High School brought us down a GoPro so I got it all on video too!

Still in those ten days I got stung by a scorpion. I had left my swim top outside to dry over night and a scorpion, liking cool dark places, crawled into the cup of the top and nestled himself in there. I got the sting when I reached for my top getting out of the shower. In quite a funny site I threw my bathing suit bottoms on (without looking for a scorpion in there) and ran downstairs topless to inform a staff member what had just happened. I was so worried but trying to stay calm. All I had ever heard from locals in the scenario of a bite was to smash the thing, put it in a bag, and go straight to the hospital. When I announced that I had just got stung everyone was like "Oh, you'll be fine." With that calm reaction I immediately loosened up. I kept the tip of my stung finger in tea tree oil for about an hour and kept up on my fluids. The local cleaning woman who happened to be at the house at the time told me to put my finger in bleach IMMEDIATELY and drink lots of milk. I don't really like either of these things though...I drank one cup of milk and put my finger in bleach for maybe 15 minutes, then I went back to the tea tree oil. The next day my finger joint felt a little stiff and sore but other than that good to go! And let me tell you, to my surprise I did not think it actually hurt that bad at all. Literally a sting and the feeling of my finger going numb and that was about it. Just a weird sensation.

On one of our last days in town we got small and simple tattoos. Mine is meant to simply remind me of the beach life I love and Puerto Escondido will always have a special little place in my heart with it.

I had a misunderstanding of dates and night buses before our departure. What I thought was a 6-8 hr bus ride turned out to be 12-14 hrs and resulted in one missed night in our rented apartment for the next week - but it was well worth it! We made it to San Cristóbal in 13 hours. No military checks, no robberies. Just a freaking SORE body, as I did not get any good sleep the entire time. Our apartment is the cutest little place ever and this town reminds me so much of the PNW. The crisp air is lovely, but definitely different to get used to after being in a beach town for 3.5 weeks. Yes, I am the person wearing black socks with my Birkenstock sandals.

Video footage from Puerto to come soon and more details on San Cris too, as we are not staying in this town too terribly long. Sending out lots of love to everyone in this holiday season! xxoo

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